The audience for these Words of God, is the whole of mankind: the lost, the hurting, the misdirected, the saved, the lukewarm, the holy…these Words pave a path to the Kingdom—for those that choose this direction. The lost will be saved, the lukewarm will become hot; the saved will grow in righteousness; those who want light…will see clearly.

God is capable of speaking every language under the sun; here, in these messages—He is speaking in a simple language that all can understand. Time on earth is coming to an end, and God is extending Himself in an unprecedented way; these simple messages are being given in a manner in which all can understand, because of the desperate times ahead; a gift of love to bring His precious children home to Him.

For those who profess themselves to be saved; this is a call to a higher level of righteousness, holiness and purity, in which God calls us to be perfect.

The Door to Heaven is opened by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross; where He took our punishment for sin upon Himself, on our behalf. Now, The Lord asks that all open this door and be saved.

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect.”

Matthew 5:48

King James Version (KJV)